From the Heart


We all have limitations and as one of my teachers referred to it a weak organ. For me this is my heart, literally. I want it, however, to be my strength and my inspiration, a force for creativity and a source of opportunity.

I have lived my life with a bicuspid aortic valve and eventually, perhaps, this resulted in other difficulties with my heart. Recently I have been given a pacemaker because my heart was in complete heart block. I also developed an aneurysm in my thoracic aorta and underwent surgery to replace this major blood vessel and my aortic valve with prostheses. My sternum has not completely knitted following this surgery and so I take care with lifting and sudden movement but generally dance, yoga and some pilates has been helpful in building mobility and strength in my upper body.

I say this “from the heart” not to gain admiration for what I can now do, but rather to say that I speak, dance and do yoga from a ground of physical limitation but a viewpoint of possibility and opportunity.