The Art of Well-Being


I have only today learned that there is a conference on in Sydney during this coming week called the Ninth Annual International Arts and Health Conference The Art of Good Health and Well-Being:Mental Health and Resilience Through the Arts

I am sad about this because it is a conference I would like to have attended. It is a day away, Alas my program of other things is too full and there is no time to rearrange anything.

One reason I would like to have attended is to engage in conversation with people who might only see dance and the arts as a kind of health therapy for older people. There is a speaker who is going to talk about training teachers of dance for older people. I really hope the idea is not to just train young people to teach old people and reinforce the dance as therapy alone. it would seem to me to be very important that older people themselves are encouraged and enabled to teach and encourage their peers in the art of dance.
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